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Being a developing nation, health and hygiene are mainstays in terms of natural priority. With so many people- living below the poverty line, statistics reveal that unhealthy living conditions will lead to disease and epidemics.

Keeping these in mind, “Bishnupur Institute of Medical Science”- A Unit of “BPIE GROUP” is established. Besides imparting Technical Education, Teachers Education and School Education, the BPIE Group also encourages students to be more active as a student- medical community to improve health conditions in the nation. This Medical College is well- equipped with a state- of the – art laboratory and each department utilizes modern equipment and technology.

Principal Desk

Prof. (Dr.) Pratip Kumar Kundu


( Principal, Bishnupur Public Institute of Medical Science )

Bishnupur Public Institute of Medical Science (BIMS), is one of the seven such Institutions dedicated to research, care and cure of tropical diseases. BIMS was founded by Sri Satya Sadhan Dutta in 2021.


Regenerative Medicine and Translation Science

The Department of Regenerative Medicine and Translational Science, the first of its kind in India, commenced on 9th of April 2012….

Cord Blood Bank

Concept of Cord Blood Bank is to collect and preserve Cord Blood or Placenta that is discharged by a pregnant mother during delivery of the baby, that goes waste….

Centre of Excellence HIV Care

This department studies on Antiretroviral therapy of HBV resistance in HIV/HBV co-infection and quality ….

Hepatities B and Anti viral Theraphy

This is a ICMR supported research project entitled Studies on Antiviral Therapy that limits the Emergence of HBV Resistance in HIV/HBV Co-infection and is a part of Centre of Excellence….

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