Bishnupur Public Institute of Medical Science (Proposed)

PPP with Health & Family Walfare Department, Govt. of West Bengal

(A Unit of Bishnupur Public Education Institute)

Welcome to “Bishnupur Institute of Medical Science (BIMS)- a new project under BPIE Group. Your interest in our Institution is most welcome and very much appreciated. As the largest and most Comprehensive Group, we offer courses not only in Technical Education, Teacher’s Education and School Education but also “Medical and Health Science” as well. The BPIE Group is committed to excellence in teaching since 18 glorious years in an ever- increasing manner, to research and development. Our mission in life is very clearly defined:- ” to be the top- premier Medical Institution advancing available quality education, research and service to the people in India and abroad”. The mission is supported by a comprehensive Strategic Plan. Consequently, we have plotted a path for the future. Increasingly , we are judging our performance in the context of achievable but challenging benchmarks, thinking more globally , establishing global relationships, and generally making the medical college an exciting academic place to be. Expectations about academic performance predominate over all other matters. You recognise that in entering the field of medicine , you join a community , wherein the team is as pivotal to success as individual effort. To this end, you must strive for excellence in your pursuit of knowledge, as you can only give your best when you fulfill your potential.



Mr. Satya Sadhan Dutta
Honourable Founder and Chairman
BPIE Group

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